3 Wisest Considerations to Obtain Approval from Google Adsense


When you hear the word Adsense, what comes first on your mind? Google Adsense? Google Adsense is an advertising network based on CPC or what we called cost-per-click to allow bloggers or publishers to earn income through advertisement to appear on their site.

Blogging is a passion, this is what I have learned for several years of blogging. If you don’t love blogging, then quit blogging. If you just want to earn from blogging, then change your perspective on blogging. By the way, I started blogging since 2010, and my first blog was about a technology niche. In my first attempt of establishing a blog, I was hesitant to apply for an advertising network such as Google Adsense. After a week having several posts on my blog, I felt discouraged because Google Adsense disapproved my application. Being hesitant once again, I reapplied immediately fixing some Adsense recommendations, I was disapproved again. Is it the end of my blogging career?

Being very strict about their rules and policy, most bloggers were embarrassed by the way they got disapproved by they got disapproved. But what I have learned in my experiences is that approval from Google Adsense is not too difficult if you comply with their rules and policy? Why do I say so? If you are a first time blogger, you will experience multiple rejections like me, I cannot count how many rejections I’ve had. Perhaps I had a lot of mistakes that has been corrected making me an Adsense publisher today. I have some important recommendations to help you to obtain approval from Google Adsense before applying such as:

1. Framework of your site or blog should be well-constructed

What do I mean with framework of your site? Your site consists of homepage, archives, pages and posts. These are the framework of your site. Your homepage should be well-constructed because it is the first impression of your site. It should look impressive for visitors to visit your site or blog. You can display different categories of posts on you homepage or place a plain posts list. Don’t ever add a category on your menu or category list which returns a 404 error. Add an about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer page. In your about page, please add your real name for transparency, and it is one of Adsense policy.

If you are using WordPress, you should choose the right WordPress theme for your site because if you have a theme that has already been approved from  Adsense, you can avoid the reason of disapproval. This site is a great example of that because it uses Wise Blog WordPress theme which has already been tested to have an approval from Adsense. Take note that it is not a guarantee that you will immediately obtain approval if you use our theme but this will lessen the reasons of disapproval.

Before applying to Google Adsense, you should also avoid third-party advertising program to display on your site or blog. It should have an XML sitemaps added to Google Web Master Tools for search engine to crawl your site. Google Analytics should also be included as your site traffic tools to show your seriousness on blogging.

2. Originality is the best policy

Why originality is the best policy? If you will check out Google Adsense policy, they are discouraging you to post copyrighted contents or with less and low quality post to your blog. It may be hard to determine if you have posted original contents because search engines might review it as copyrighted, but if you are applying for Adsense, you should be careful on it.

Create a story or a blog that will give value to your readers based on your experiences to avoid copyrighted contents warning. Do not post a blog with little contents, perhaps 500 words or more are enough to suffice it. Google may detect your post if it has less contents.

Once you have applied for Adsense and you are in the second step of approval which you should add a temporary advertisement to your blog. Place your advertisement code to the content you believe with no copyrighted contents. In my experience, I have placed the temporary advertisement to a single post alone. I have not included it to archives, pages and homepage. In just a few days, I received an email from Adsense, telling me that my account was approved.

My strong advice to every blogger or publisher who will apply for Google Adsense is to avoid prohibited and copyrighted contents because it is the main reason why they will reject applications. You can check Google Adsense Program Policies and Prohibited Contents to review if you have violated their policies.

3. Waiting is not boring at all if you are assured of the result

On some countries, like Asian countries, site or blog should be aged six months before applying to Google Adsense. In my experience, I wast too hesitant in applying for Adsense. I’m from the Philippines and I am skeptical about the age of a blog must be before applying for Adsense. I have six domains that has been applied for Adsense which has a niche of technology, national news and food. Those niche has failed to reach Adsense approval. Some say, for three days you can have an approval for Adsense. But in my opinion don’t apply if your site or blog is not yet fully established. I was in a hurry without considering Adsense policies, that is all the reason why I got disapproved.

If your blog is just new, search engines doesn’t crawl your site fully and site traffic is not yet well-established. It may be boring to wait but if you know that you comply with Adsense policies, it is a great reward for those who wait. Your site will be established well on search engines and site visitors and you will probably receive a decent traffic which will increase your approval if you take it easy. That is one of the best reason why Adsense want your site or blog to aged for several months.

Finally on my seventh attempt of application having a one year old domain and a seventh month old blog, I obtain an approval from Google Adsense, and I said, “Yes, it was worth waiting for.”


Rejection is not the end but an open door of opportunities you might have not yet explored.
—Steven Culla

I’m not an expert nor an employee of Google Adsense but with my experiences, it should help you a lot in applying for Google Adsense. Remember, it is not an end of your career in blogging if your application has been disapproved by Adsense. Being a blogger who has several attempts and rejections like me gives me more wisdom and strength to be a better blogger. What are your experiences in applying for Google Adsense? Share it by posting your comments below.


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