About Probewise

What is Probewise?

Probewise is a site created by its founder to promote a professional and wisest WordPress themes that empowers site for its maximum performance and design. It is unique and doesn’t compromise its quality to bring a stunning WordPress theme. It is affordable and other themes are free to run your WordPress site efficiently.

Not just a WordPress theme creator, it also offers tutorials, guides and tips about WordPress, Linux, technology, internet and design. If you are trying to find online tutorials, you are in the right track. Our aim is to bring you a happier connected life by helping you to troubleshoot and solve your problems through the articles posted within this site. We post contents about a certain categories that is reliable because it is based on its author’s experiences.

Where does Probewise name originated?

Name is one of the most important factors a business, company or even a brand to have. It is a product of a creative ideas. That is why, without a name, there’s no existence of something. “Probewise,” is the name of this site. As its name suggests, if you heard the name “Probewise,” it means pro to be wise or professionals, being wise. We are Probewise! We are professional web designer and developer who shares our expertise to all people browsing on this site. If you choose Probewise, it means you are choosing wisely because you are choosing professionals.

Why choose Probewise?

There’s no need to ask. Probewise is a wise choice because it is unique. It gives you a unique experience regarding WordPress themes and tutorials. Why choose Probewise? Choosing Probewise gives you the idea of choosing wise, choosing professionals and most of all choosing a reliable partner on this digital world. We are Probewise! We are professionals, being wise.

Who founded Probewise?

Steven Wise created Probewise. He is a professional web designer, web developer, programmer, computer hardware technician, blogger and a church volunteer. He lives in the “Pearl of the Orient Sea” (Philippines).

Way back 2010, he began blogging. During those years, repairing PC is his job until he found his skills in blogging. At first, he didn’t get any success in the course of his track. That is the time he set aside blogging and focused in web designing and web developing. It’s too difficult to obtain success but being a hard-working person, he pursue his goal to be victorious on this field. Passionately, he launched Probewise to create a self-developed site which provides WordPress themes and tutorials.

How to navigate with this site?

To navigate with this site, you can use the navigation menu on the top of this site as well as the links provided on the footer. You may also find useful links within this site by the links provided in every articles, page or even on the sidebar.

This site has two parts, the blog zone and the product zone. The blog zone is composed of blogs about WordPress, Linux, technology, internet and design. If you are searching for an authentic tutorials, guides and tips about it, you’ll find our articles strong and able to meet your needs.

The other part is the product zone. It gives a professional WordPress themes for sale or for free. It also consists of documentation page and support forum which helps customers to install, configure and launched their newly WordPress site.