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    1. I installed the theme, it says “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Usually, it happens when you download the whole package Wise and installing it instead of WordPress installable file only. You may extract the whole package Wise then upload and install inside Wise Theme folder or download the WordPress installable file only on ThemeForest:

    Downloads => Select the item => Download => Installable WordPress file only.

    2. How to modify the theme’s CSS and/or add a function to it?

    Use a child theme. The safest way to add a CSS customization on it as well as adding a function is to use a child theme (See Child Themes on WordPress codex).  If you modify or add your customization directly to the parent theme, you’ll lose it once you update or reinstall the theme. Every theme, not just our theme, a child theme is necessary to customize CSS and function as it was advised by WordPress creators.

    Applies on: Wise Mag, Wise Church, Wise Blog

    3. My font icons shows “f10” like text instead of symbol, how do I fix it? What is the cause of having that issue?

    It is WordPress security to remove backslash on theme’s assets if you save or modify it in the WordPress editor making the font icons to be unusable. It is not just our theme, but all themes, if you directly edit or save your stylesheet file on WordPress editor.

    To fix this, you should re-install the theme, and if you need to modify the theme, use a child theme, and modify it offline or in your web server editor instead of WordPress editor.

    Sometimes, it won’t work right away if you reinstall the theme due to your site cache or browser cache that needs to be cleared. You need to restart your web browser and clear cookies, and if you have cache plugin installed on your site, you should clear it as well. You can even restart your web server if the above fix didn’t work.

    Applies on: Wise Mag, Wise Church, Wise Blog

    4. I have updated the theme, but an error appear on #Home widgets and sidebar widgets, what should I do?

    All you need to do is to re-save all your widgets on your widgets dashboard. This error appears because the code of widgets is fixed or improved, there is just a need to re-save the widgets to update its code that can be read from the database.

    5. How to remove “Powered by Probewise” footer text link on footer?

    Upload and install the child theme provided in the theme package (See Child Themes on WordPress codex). Then, add this code on functions.php:

    function wise_panel_fields_footer() {

    Applies on: Wise Mag, Wise Church, Wise Blog

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