SiteGround WordPress Hosting


SiteGround is a WordPress hosting company which provides a reliable, fast, secured, an honest specification of their hosting plan and a stunning 24/7 support.

Product Description

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by group of students which started first working from their university dorm but now with vast number of employees and customers. They boast for their quality web hosting service which includes an easy WordPress installation and site transfer, strongest security for your website and account, fast loading site with their advanced technology and hardware, and reliable tools for an efficient and updated WordPress site. They also provides a stunning 24/7 support from their teams which is true according to the reviews of many customers. They have three plans StartUp, GoBig and GoGeek.

One of its greatest advantage to other hosting company is their honest display of specification per plan. They give an exact disk storage and visitors per month limitations (applies on shared hosting, others define it as unlimited). For more information, visit SiteGround.


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